Google Slides Video Maker

Turn static Google Slide presentations into high quality engaging videos
with voice over narrations and slide animations.

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Export Slides Presentations as High Quality Videos

SlideVid allows you to easliy convert your Google Slides presentations into high quality videos that you can export as mp4 files.

High Resolution videos
1280x720 Pixles
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Set Time Interval Per Slide

Some slides need more time to be viewed than others. Set different time intervals for each slide to be reflected in the video.

Time interval per slide
Default interval for all slides

Add Background Audio

Whether it's a voice over or a soundtrack you want to add to your video, simply upload an MP3 audio file and that will be played in the background

Voice over audio
Sound tracks
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Download and Share Videos

Download the videos as MP4 files and share with your audience anywhere - on email, YouTube, Social, etc.

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